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Whether you’re a student, a coding instructor or a school, you can choose us for best learning and teaching experience, technology and an optimal learning/teaching environment.

We have been developing logical thinking and problem solving skills in children by collaborating with various schools and organizations. With our expertise, kids can create anything they imagine.

Learning to code or to write a program is like picking up a new language or a new instrument. In today’s digital age, it is critical that our children start young so that they can thrive and become confident creators of technology. Many tech greats started at a young age; Bill Gates had his first foray into programming at the age of 13, and Mark Zuckerberg created a network of computers at the tender age of 10.
Students learn life-skills such as problem-solving and logical thinking, and most importantly; computational thinking – the ability to break down a problem and give step-by-step instructions to a computer to solve.
At My Coding Master, our curriculum is especially designed to inspire and nurture students to develop an interest in coding. Just like any new area of study, the way the lesson is structure and taught play a huge importance. We firmly believe in starting our students off in the right manner, whether they aspire to be a Computer Scientist, or they are a preschooler writing their first line of code.

Our coding classes are designed for children from the ages of 6 to 18. Our structured curriculum roadmap takes them through their programming journey with age-appropriate exercises that nurture and challenge them at each level.
Ages 6-8: Basic coding apps
Ages 9-11: Scratch, Blockly, 3D Modelling
Ages 11-13: MIT App Inventor, Python Junior, Arduino
Ages 13-18: Python, Java, Raspberry pi, Web Development

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